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My first blog!

Spring is Coming Soon!!

Feb 9, 2016
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Welcome to MJC Farm

Feb 21, 2015
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Lessons Include:

  • Education on equine behavior.
  • Basic anatomy and functional movement of the horse.
  • Feeding of the horse.
  • Health maintenance for the horse.
  • Basic first aide for the horse.
  • Basic hoof care for the horse.
  • Grooming your horse.
  • Developing ground manners for your horse.
  • Safe handling of your horse.
  • How to saddle and bridle your horse. 
  • Mounting and dismounting your horse.
  • Developing balance when riding your horse.
  • Riding your horse for pleasure.


     MJC Farm offers beginning lessons to all ages of individuals.  We start with introducing you to our beloved equine friends and sharing the horse experience by demonstating the connection you can develop with a horse companion through trust, equine/human behaivor education and partnership with each animal.  We can provide you with coaching during your initial learning experiences and offer you the oportunity to grow in your personal horsemanship endeavor.  Once you have acheived the basic levels of horsemanship skills we can refer you to other professionals that can take you to the Next Level of  horsemanship such as, colt breaking, trick training, competitive games and showing.